Locals Only

The Show:

Welcome to LOCALS ONLY. Locals Only is a food and travel show, but it is also so much more… Locals Only is something fresh and new that brings the everyday traveler to the forefront. The show is hosted by two brothers, Scott and Jeff Bender who have vastly different educations that culminate to bring the best of two different traveling institutions.  The backpacking world (Scott) and the culinary educated world (Jeff).

Scott has backpacked over 30 countries and eaten cuisines from all over the world while on a true travelers budget.  Jeff graduated from culinary school and owned his own wine tasting and retail store.  Together, they traverse through cities and experience the best locally owned favorites.  They eat, they drink, and they do so while learning from the people who live in the city and own these establishments.

Together, you learn about the food, the culture, the city, and ultimately, how to be a local in a city you have never been.  Sit down, have a beer, and watch as new foods and cities unfold with LOCALS ONLY.

The Blog:

The blog is all about food, travel, and adventure.  Scott keeps up with the entries that contain a little bit of everything… From what it is like when traveling alone (as his most recent adventure was a 7-week road trip throughout the US and Canada) to where the best places are to eat, stay, and explore.  The blog carries a personal tone throughout the journey and hopefully translates to not only fellow travelers but to all people curious about the adventure of life.  Plus they are full of photos and facts!  So if you need a quick read for some insight or inspiration – check out the blog!

Scott and Jeff:

Scott and Jeff both grew up in St. Louis, Missouri.  Jeff went to Arizona State for a semester before ultimately going to culinary school in Tampa, Florida.  He has lived all over the country but currently calls St. Louis home along with his wife and two kids.  He works for the family business during the day but at night he is cooking everything from short rib tacos to a smoked meatloaf.  He hasn’t owned a microwaveable dinner since 2005.

Scott has always been a traveler.  He went to summer camps in Wisconsin as a kid, lived in NYC with Jeff when he was 15 (where Locals Only was kind of born in a way due to their TV only getting the Food Network and Travel Channel) and found his way to Boulder, Colorado for college.  He studied abroad in Florence, Italy and then after graduating from CU’s film school, set off to backpack Indonesia and Southeast Asia.  He has since made solo trips to South America and Central America as well as the US and Canada road trip.  He tries to own at least 4 microwaveable dinners for variety.  Scott lives in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. Matt says:

    Hey guys. Just wondering how you have set up a website on this domain seeing as I brought it 3 years ago and still own it for another year.


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