5 Easy Exercises to Do At Home

I eat a lot.  I drink a lot.  And I’m not talking about salads and coconut water.  If you have seen any of my Locals Only posts on social media than you know I am a glutton for all things unhealthy.  Is that Chicken…Can you add Bacon?  Is that a burger…Can you add cheese?  Beer…Bud Light was for beer pong in my parents basement.  So a questions I get asked a lot is, “Why are you not fat?”  And aside from my other gluttonous addiction to adventure which helps me stay in shape, it really is because I do these 5 simple routines every other day.  I don’t know a ton about nutrition or vitamins and I am not a fitness professional… but these 5 exercises have definitely helped me shed some pizza crust.  I’m not a thin crust, but at least I’m not a deep dish either.

So if you’re broke like me and can’t afford a $100/month gym or if you don’t have the time… try these simple things at home and see if it helps.  If not, go to a person who actually knows what they’re talking about.  

  1. Pull Up/Chin Up/Up Up (I don’t know the name of the last one)


I bought this pull up bar (<-Amazon) that hangs over your door for $20.  I use it all the time since it’s always just hanging there.  When I am bored or waiting for the shower to heat up, just a few here and there adds up.  BUT for my actual work out I’ll do:

3 Sets with 6 Reps for EACH hand position (9 sets total/54 ups).

2) The Ab Roller


Again, purchased on Amazon ($11).  This little wheel is fantastic.  I guarantee after your first use you’ll be sore, and the good sore where it hurts but you also kinda laugh.  Again this thing can be used intermittently throughout the day.  Sometimes when I am watching TV I’ll bust this thing out.  It’s a game changer for your core, abs, and arms.

100 back and forth Ab RollsI usually do 20 at a time and then take a 10 second pause.

3) Jump Rope


I absolutely hate cardio.  I think running is possibly one of the most boring things you could ever do.  I would actually rather watch paint dry because then you’re at least sitting.  However give yourself a countdown and then your goal is obtainable.  I bought this on Amazon for $10 and it comes in handy for those who are anti-running.

5 minutes of jump rope (use your phone again)I usually do 1 minute, then take a 10 second break.

4) Push Ups


I went to a CrossFit class a couple months ago and they taught me this.  I took the lesson and never went back.  Thanks BRICK CrossFit, but c’mon who has $200 a month to spend on a gym.  That’s insane, plus I post enough for Locals Only where would I find time to tell everyone I do CrossFit?  Anyways, this one is kind of the belly of the beast.  I won’t lie, I never look forward to doing this BUT if I don’t do it, I feel like I didn’t work out.  This one exercise is a body changer.  Power through it… When I did this for the first time I kid you not I almost threw up.

For 5 Minutes: 20 seconds of push ups.  10 seconds of rest.  20 seconds of push ups. 10 seconds of rest.  Do this for 5 minutes total.  It is essentially 10 sets of push ups.  *Use your phone as a timer*.

5) Air Squats


I do a lot of hiking and rock climbing so it’s important to have some strength in my legs and this is where the air squats come in.  This is another one I pulled from my 1 day at CrossFit.  I’m kind of screwing it up in this picture but you’re supposed to drop down while keeping your knees in line with your feet and not having them move beyond your toes (see how my knee is further up that my foot).

Same at push ups for timer.  5 minutes.  20 seconds of squats.  10 seconds of rest.  Repeat.

Then in Locals Only fashion, I make a killer smoothie after.

Smoothie ingredients:

  • 1 Cup of Ice
  • 2 Cups of Frozen Berries (you can also add a banana, or peanut butter, some cinnamon… be creative so you don’t get burnt out)
  • 1-2 Cups of Milk (Vanilla Almond Milk works great)
  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 1 Scoop of Green Superfood
  • 1 Scoop of Pea Protein (much lower in calories than normal protein and made completely from peas)


So there you have it.  The every other day routine.  I hate gyms and lifting weights but once I did this routine for a couple weeks I became addicted… if I miss a day I actually feel kind of bad.  Like flossing.  Mind over matter… fit it into your routine and you won’t regret it.  Especially when you eat that Cheeseburger after 7 beers on Friday night.

I found myself gaining weight when I was doing Locals Only and I hated the way I looked and felt.  It was like walking around in a constant state of puffiness.  I felt bloated all the time and my pants were too tight, shirts too small (and I have worn the same size clothes since I was 15…#shortpeopleproblems).  I needed a change and started doing this routine every other day and started seeing results.  I’m not walking around like Channing Tatum or anything… but at least I don’t feel like Fat Bastard.



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